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The confidential and secure location of Deborah’s Gate grants victims of sexual human trafficking safety and refuge with access to staff support 24 hours a day. Deborah’s Gate currently has capacity to house 10 survivors of sexual exploitation for both short-term and long-term periods. Deborah’s Gate offers a variety of in-house programs that teach basic life and living skills, coping mechanisms and goal development strategies. Clients are encouraged to access on-site chaplaincy and spiritual support as needed.


By working with established community resources, equipped to provide confidential, professional and culturally sensitive services we are able to meet the needs of our residents in the following areas:

  • Law Enforcement
  • Immigration and Refugee Services
  • Legal Counsel and Advocacy
  • Income Assistance
  • Counseling/Psychological Services
  • Medical Needs
  • Addiction Services
  • Translation and Language Services

Citizen and Immigration
BC’s Office to Combat Trafficking in Person
The Salvation Army Pro Bono Program
Vancouver Victim Services


  • Confidential and Secure Location
  • Monitored Sign In/Out Procedures
  • 48-Hour Safety Assessment Period
  • Completed Safety Plans upon Intake


24 Hour Staffing

All Direct Care Workers at Deborah’s Gate are specifically trained to provide assistance to victims of human trafficking in Canada and possess extensive knowledge in the areas of government policy pertaining to trafficked victims, assistance available to trafficked victims, symptoms of trauma often experienced by victims of trafficking and available resources in the community.

Flexible and Personalized Program Development

The flexible nature of Deborah’s Gate allows for maximum development as each resident is able to focus on their own case-specific details in order to address their personal case needs effectively. The Direct Care Workers practice intensive case management so that details of each resident’s case are addressed independently.

Short-Term and Long-Term Housing

Investigations and criminal proceedings and immigration paperwork can be quite lengthy and tedious for a victim of human trafficking. The continuum of care that is provided at Deborah’s Gate establishes stability, specialized support and advocacy for the duration of the proceedings

Community integration is an important aspect of restoration. As residents are ready take this step, the Direct Care Workers assist in the transition to independent or second-stage living situations. When residents are ready for this transition into the community, it is encouraged that they be well connected with the essential services pertaining to their case and are no longer at risk of being re-trafficked or exploited.

Download a PDF version of the Program Outline.